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What is Justice Ministry?

It is reported in the Gospels that Jesus told us that the whole of the prophets can be summed up in two Commandments: to love God passionately with everything we have and are, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. In order to build the foundation, we strengthen our personal relationship of love with our God through prayer and worship, Scripture and so on. But in order to love God fully, we must love that part of God that is in our neighbor and treat that neighbor as we would like to be loved and treated ourselves. We must find and honor that part that is God not only in those we like, but even in those we would like to hate. If we fail in this, we fail in truly loving God fully. Jesus told us many times to bless those who curse you, to love our enemies, to give until it hurts, even to lay down our lives for our friends. When we lay down our lives even for our enemies, then we have truly become Christlike, for Christ loved us and died surrendered to whatever we would do to try to destroy Him. He surrendered in love and humility not just for those who loved Him, for at that moment there were few, but most especially for those who were hating Him and torturing Him and took pleasure in His suffering. The contrast between their arrogance and hate and His humility and love, between their sin and His saving grace, was and is striking and life changing.   Read More...


What is a Justice Immersion?

It begins with a coffeehouse setting, the Solidarity Cafe, in which the community is invited to experience justice teachings through creative arts: through visual arts and environment, drama skits, music, keynote address, prayer and ritual, and a global simulation justice game in which all participate. This evening cafe features opportunities for self expression in justice theology by youth leaders. We also have for refreshments, the Global Potluck in which guests are asked to bring their favorite ethnic potluck dish to share and fair trade coffees and teas are served. These coffeehouses provide young lay leaders the opportunity to share their gifts and to learn justice teachings in a fun, entertaining and prayerful way, using many intelligences and gifts, involving more of the whole person.

The second part is the immersion day

If you are interested in consulting for an Immersion, E Mail Caryn
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