High School Ministry
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High School Ministry is a time of great changes, from carefree to jobs and college prep, SATs and driving. Students are bogged down with homework, and many have jobs so their time is even more limited. Therefore, a high school program needs to be very relational. It needs to feed their growing (and doubting) minds that seek truth, yet it needs to build relationships of trust and comfort where they feel safe in discussing all their questions. If deep relationships are established, they will come even when they are busy, because their friends are there, and because they find meaning there.

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High School is a time of idealism and a time when students can begin to understand concepts of justice. This is a perfect time for justice ministry,walking the walk, and should be a large component of the program. This is also a time of developing a deeper relationship with God, and of taking their place in the ministry of the church, in litugy and in other ministries. Beginning with the concept of the Cross is a good place to start.

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The Love Story and the Cross